A good headshot is your ticket to achievement. Sounds like a big claim but think about it. When you're submitting your CV to a casting call, or you're applying for a job where a headshot is required, it's often the first thing the recruiter or casting director will look at. 
Yes of course they will check your qualifications and previous experience, they need to make sure you're able to do at least on paper, what they're asking but in the case of the Arts sector you also need to look the part.
In the Arts sector, and often in the business sector, young people fresh out of education tend to get headshots done when they're starting to apply for jobs and work. What often happens is they don't update their headshots as their careers progress and as they age. 
Richard got in touch with me at the start of 2022 as his old headshots weren't up to date enough to accuratly represent his image. He works in stage and theatre, as well as doing voice over work and pieces for TV. Because of the variety of work he takes on he asked for a mixed set of images that he could use in a variety of sectors.
This headshot session was completed in less than 2 hours and total cost to Richard was £150. Get in touch via the contact form if you'd like to have your headshots refreshed.
Thank you!
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