Global Media / Translink - Amazon Prime 
Companies paying for advertisng really want to know how effective their spend is. When that's done online or in print it's relatively straightforward to estimate how many people have seen a particular advertisment. 
Due to the nature of bus adverts (mainly because they move), this isn't an easy metric to measure.
My task for this shoot was to photograph the buses in Belfast City centre showing the adverts in place on the buses as they move around. The photographs generally need to have people in them, preferably looking at the adverts.
This obviously isn't an exact science but it gives the advertiser, in this case Amazaon Prime a bit of an idea of potential viewer reach.
This is always a fun shoot, especially when the sun is out and the city is buzzing with tourists and workers. Though I must look a bit mad running around chasing buses with my cameras....
Thank you!
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