After a successful stop in Belfast, the Dreamachine would continue on to and finish its tour of the UK in Edinburgh. The Dreamachine left Carlisle Memorial Church and was set up for the final time in Murrayfield Ice Rink, next to Murrayfield Rugby Stadium.

The ice rink, like most public indoor venues, was closed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the closure, the ice was removed and the bare concrete floor was left exposed. The ice rink floor had to be repaired before it could reopen to the public. The Dreamachine would reside on the iceless ice rink floor for several weeks before repairs would begin.

Compared to the snug surroundings of Carlisle Memorial Church in Belfast, the Murrayfield Ice Rink provided a vast cavernous space for the team to set up. Due to the increase in available space the final Dreamachine and breakout space would be considerably bigger than Belfast.

Despite the ice not being present at the time of set up, the building still was acting like a massive fridge. Between the huge concrete floor and insulated walls and roof it was a chilly location to work in. The public were supplied with cosy blankets upon arrival to keep them warm whilst sitting through the experience.

I was asked to photograph the Dreamachine in Edinburgh due to the quality of the imagery I was able to produce in Belfast. The ice rink was a tricky space to work in. I was initially worried that the red light reflecting off the roof from the heat lamps would give me issues during post processing but thankfully it was more than manageable. 

Having the extra space meant that I was able to get a decent selection of images across all my lenses, right from the super wide 14mm up to and beyond 100mm on my telephoto.
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